In Swift 3 sometimes the underscore is there and sometimes it’s not. A bit like Schrodingers cat…(sorry, bad science joke)

So what doe it do exactly?

Well, let’s back track a little bit and talk about functions first. Any function that has some parameters passed into it MUST have those parameters names specified when the function is called.

Example Case 1:

Now sometimes the Swift 3 Underscore appears like this:

Can you spot the difference?

In the first one you had to specify “name: ” but in the second you didn’t have to, just like the good ol days of programming (or like C#).

Example Case 2:

Sometimes you have a variable that you declared but didn’t actually use. Underscore _ is a way of designing that variable and saving a teeny tiny bit of memory (for iPhone 4s users, clearly).

And those are the 2 basic cases of the underscore (at least that I remember off hand). Seen any others? Maybe you should post below and let me know!

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What Does the Swift 3 Underscore Mean?

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