For 7 years (it only seems like yesterday!), smart phones have dominated the mobile world.  Google, Apple and Microsoft have created an app ecosystem that generates pure profit.

For example, when the infamous app “Flappy Bird” was pulled off the stores it was generating around $50,000 a day – Pocket change compared to this list! However Flappy Birds did take the world by storm and put massive earnings on everyone’s radar.

After combing through the app stores, we have compiled a list of Top 10 highest earning apps as of 2016. If you have any additions then drop them in the comments below!


10)  Big Fish Casino

Big fish casino is a gambling app in which the user can choose from Slots, Roulette, Texas Hold’em Poker or Black Jack. The app is free to download and generates revenue via in-built game purchases. At first the app gives the user free coins, but once they’re gone you have to buy more coins using using in-app purchases. Big fish casino has held the top 5 position on Top 200 Grossing games list and generates a daily revenue of $162,667.

9) Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga comes from the same company that brought us Candy crush saga. The goal of the game is to save pets or rescue them by matching the same colored blocks. The game relies on in-game purchases to generate revenue. Players can buy extra lives which can help them advance through the game quickly. The game generates $178,165 in daily revenues.

8) Boom Beach

Boom beach is a combination of strategy and action. Players need to build and fortify their island, and go on the offensive by capturing enemies islands. Boom beach makes it extremely tempting for players to purchase in game goods, since a player can easily run out of resources. Boom beach has estimated daily revenue of $ 192,124.

7) Marvel Contest of champions

This game allows the user to select his own Marvel heroes’ team to fight against the time traveling villain, Kang the Conquerer. Players make in game purchases by spending cash to unlock new heroes. The game allows users to battle their team against any other team of marvel heroes. The game has already been generating huge amounts in revenue and has crossed the $100 million total revenue mark. Marvel contest of champions currently makes $225,828 daily.

6) Candy Crush soda saga

This is the sequel to the original candy crush saga with better graphics, several new game elements like gummy bears trapped in ice, soda bottles that explode and like the old version squares of white chocolate that block access to other candies. The game makes money by in-game sales. Impatient players can pay cash for extra lives, helping them advance through the game quickly. Candy crush soda saga has daily estimated revenue of $257,119.

5) Madden NFL Mobile

Developed by Electronics Arts this app is an American football game based on the National Football League. The game generates revenue via in-game purchases. Players pay cash to unlock new series, upgrade players and buy premium player cards. The game features two modes – seasons and live events. Estimated daily revenue of $505,321.

4) Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike is an intelligence and tactical warfare game, sort of like Command and Conquer of old. Players need to build their base and train forces.  The game makes money when players buy gold to expedite the process of construction and gaining advanced vehicles. This game’s estimated daily revenue is an astonishing figure of $724,451.

3)  Candy Crush saga

This master piece of a game really took the world by storm. Developed by King, it is installed on almost 80% of all mobile devices (a boggling amount!). Players need to match 3 same color candies to earn points or gain access to blocked fruits. Revenues are generated by in game purchases; players can pay cash for extra lives, which helps them advance more quickly. Daily estimated revenues are $912,614 (you could buy 4 new Ferraris EVERY day!).

2) Game of war

In this game players build their own empire, can choose their hero and advance through by fighting battles. Revenues are generated when players buy gold in game to add to their resource pile.  The game has a estimated daily revenue of $1.1 million.


1) Clash of Clans

This strategy game lets players build their own village, train armies and battle other players. The game generates money by in-game purchase. Players can buy gems which help in expediting the process of training troops or construction of buildings. Impatient players are easily tempted to pay real cash to advance through the game. In terms of revenue this game generates an astounding figure of $1.5 million on a daily basis.

Well, we can’t imagine making $500 million per year off one app but we’ll give it a try!


Top 10 Highest Earning Apps of 2016
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