The Complete iOS Developer, Freelancer and Entrepreneur Course has one goal:

Turn you into a lean, mean app making machine.

I will teach you everything you need to know about

  1. Designing apps
  2. Developing them
  3. Marketing them

These are all technical subjects but I never use jargon. Everything is explained in plain language so you never become confused. All too often I see other trainers confusing their students by using fancy language. Not me. You’ll always get it straight. Once you can make iOS apps then you’ll receive training on one or all of these areas:

  1. Obtaining a 6 figure salaried position
  2. Becoming an app development freelancer with complete time freedom
  3. Creating your own app business with unlimited financial gain


Course Overview:
Module 1 – CODE

How to code apps (and anything else, coding skills are incredibly transferable to other languages) – Coding skills are in extremely high demand with demand set to go up.


Module 2 – DESIGN

How to design apps – How to create great user experiences


Module 3 – RELEASE

This is an epic module. You will design, code and release your first app on the app store. Myself and my team will help you when you get stuck to ensure that you reach this landmark goal.


Module 4 – BECOME

Which do you want to be?

  • Salaried developer. I provide certificates of completion and a reference for you. You can have your own profile page on this site as part of your membership.
  • Freelancer. I show you how to find jobs, bid on them and win. I show you how to work with clients so everyone get what they want and on time.
  • Business. My favorite. This is where I show you how to navigate the minefield of the app store and make real money.


Why learn from me?

I started out my development career learning from Google, learning from other people's code and generally taking a really long time to do it. Eventually, I got good at it but it took a very long time! Trust me, you want your training to be as fast as possible because then you can start earning real money much sooner! Like all good programmers, I've drawn up a chart to show you the difference 🙂

Become a developer 3x faster when you learn from me
Become a developer 3x faster when you learn from me

Saving time is of the utmost importance to you because the app developer market is growing faster than supply. That’s why developers get 6 figure salaries. There simply aren’t enough of them to go around! It’s also why freelancers can charge around $8,000 – $15,000 per month.

Learning on Your Own has a Very Large Missed Opportunity Cost


It actually costs you money when you learn solo

Becoming an app developer also gives you the power to start your own business and you don’t even have to hire expensive developers because you already have the development knowledge you need! So do you want to be a part of this growing trend? Whether it’s salaried, freelancing or via your own business you’re at the right place.


A full list of everything on The Complete iOS Developer Course:

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