Ionic 2 is finally in pre-lease mode so it’s a good time to discover how to properly define a new project (assuming you’ve installed Ionic 2 already!).


1. Open up Terminal / command line and type the following:

This will create the default tabbed Ionic app interface using Typescript (Typescript is good!). If you want a side menu app (a la Facebook):

How about a blank app?



2. Add iOS / Android projects

Ionic should add at least one project for you (iOS or Android, depending on platform you’re running on).

However, to be sure you have all projects, type the following:


3. Run it in the browser 

The –lab is optional but it makes the browser simulate both iOS and Android at the same time – kinda nifty!

That’s all folks!

Where to go Next

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How to Create an Ionic 2 Project and Run It

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