Hello and welcome from the far reaches of the internet! You’ve probably arrived here because you’ve seen one of my videos and thought:

I want to be a Rock Star mobile app developer too!

You wanna be this guy but with software. He probably gets all the girls.
Be this guy, but with software.

Well, this site is where you learn all that! Learn to become:

  • A 6 figure salaried developer (there’s a shortage you know)
  • A freelancer who can be employed from anywhere in the world (yes, even from beaches)
  • An app entrepreneur who wants to build his own vision (the next Uber anyone?)

If those aren’t you then this is not the place for you. No, seriously – you’ll be miserable here…best to leave now.


Still here?

Cool, then we can work together! The first step is to join my email list. It’s non spammy because I hate spam and no doubt you feel the same. Once you’ve joined up I will send you a welcome email so look out for that!


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