Kotlin is the hot “new” language for Android development. I say “new” because it’s actually been around for almost a decade, however google have finally adopted it as their pet development language for Android!

If you want to develop in Kotlin then there are 2 options for you:

  • Use IntelliJ or
  • Use Android studio

It doesn’t really matter which one you choose because Android Studio is actually a modified version of IntelliJ, fine tuned for ease of Android development.

Step 1 – Download

Download and install Android Studio from

Step 2 – Create Kotlin Project

Create a new Android Project and make sure you check “Kotlin Support” during the wizard setup process.

Step 3 – Wait a Bit

Leave the remaining options as default and let Android Studio set everything up for you.


Step 4 – It’s a Bit Different in Here

Here’s the code you’ll be faced with in the MainActivity.kt file:

First off, we no longer have the @ symbol that is ever present in Java. Also note the inheritance syntax is different too:

Recall that in Java we would have had:

Step 5 – Write a Function

Let’s write a very simple function to show a “Toast” when our App is launched. Note that in Kotlin a function is explicitly defined with the “fun” keyword. We then call that function in the onCreate method:

Step 6 – Launch and See!

Hit the “Play” button or press Command-R (Mac) or Ctrl-R (PC) or something else (Linux) to run your app in your favourite emulator. You may need to download the emulator if Android Studio prompts you to do so. You should see:

Kotlin for Android – Create Your First App

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