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You may have the best app idea in the world – but what good is that if you can’t create it?

Here at Learn App Development you will learn to:


   – Create world class apps
   – Market your apps for profit
   – Earn a healthy passive income

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“2 apps launched and counting. Couldn’t have done it without Learn App Development!”

David Hanns

CEO, Handss Ltd

Looking to Earn Money from Apps?


Developers earn in the region of $100,000. And there’s a shortage of them in the USA. How would your life change if you earned that much?


At an average charge of $80 – $160 per hour freelancers can far exceed employees in terms of salary. Your time is also your own, no more bosses to jump for!

App Entrepreneur

$20 Billion dollars are earned from apps each year and that’s just on iOS. Build a killer app, sell it and retire for life!

We're a Little Different...

We’ve taught over 26,000 students to make apps with our previous training courses.

Guess how many of them actually published something? At last count it was less than 100.

Shocking, we know.

Something wasn’t right so we completely changed our approach – which is why this site now exists.

When you join our extensive training program you will be part of an intimate learning group of no more than 25. The group starts the course at the same time, providing mutual support to each other.

If things go wrong you have people to turn to who understand what you’re going through. And of course, we’re also here to give you a helping hand with all the technical stuff.

If having the support of a like minded community sounds like the right approach to you then congratulations. You just arrived at the right place.

Different like me?

There's Just One Thing Though...

We really, really hate to say this.

Not everyone is born equal. Some people want success more than others. We wish it weren’t true but it is.

Why is that relevant for you? If you’re still here reading then you’re interested in what we have to offer. However, there is no ‘sign up‘ link because we don’t enrol people indiscriminately.

We only take those people who have a strong drive to succeed. There is no criteria for what that is – suffice to say we know it when we see it.

By keeping the hopefuls away and letting the real deals in we can offer you a truly powerful network of developers.

Your group will be incredibly motivated, pulling the group up to success beyond your wildest dreams.

Even if you have a slow day you’ll achieve far more than the average person.

So what’s your first step? That would be to sign up for our free email course on app monetisation. An offer should have popped up on the left by now. If it hasn’t then we’re bad developers and don’t deserve your email address!

See you soon.

How do apps make money?

How do apps make money?

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