Create, Market and Prosper from Mobile Apps

The mobile app market is a competitive one, with good reason. Revenues are expected to reach 180 BILLION dollars by 2020. That’s great news if you want to become a developer:

  • Demand for app developers is set to triple in the next 10 years
  • Salaries and hourly rates keep going up
  • There’s never been a better time to learn and get ahead of the competition

Your Career Options as an App Developer

It’s Not an Easy Journey Though….

There are multiple steps to becoming an app developer, some of which are not obvious. There can also be multiple pitfalls that you must avoid. Learn App Development is my way of helping you progress in the most exciting and rewarding journey you’ll ever experience.

What Learn App Development Does for You

Grant’s teaching really helped me along in my development career. He has a way of explaining details that most other teachers leave out.

Anna Jojovich

Junior Developer, App Star Inc

Our step by step instructions with useful tutorials will turn you into a pro developer. Soon you’ll have REAL apps that you can publish to the app store (all our code is copyright free!)
Understand how to hook your users into your app experience, create great design and give your apps a modern feel
Get the essential knowledge you need to create clean and efficient code, whether for a business or for yourself!
Start making apps on day one! Watch your ideas come to life using snippets of code from Learn App Development. Finally, launch your very own great app!
Understand how to market your app and stand out from the crowd. Also get insider knowledge on which categories are the most profitable on the app store.

About the Founder (Me)

I’ve taught code to over 100,000 people from 200 countries worldwide. Some students have gone on to great things in life, which I’m extremely proud of – some are even doing better than me! From Tibet to Timbuktu, you can learn to be a developer, wherever you are!

My Philosophy

NO TEDIOUS THEORY LESSONS! If you need to know something I will weave it into the stories I tell – I hate boredom as much as you!

 I started app development in my late twenties so I understand that JARGON is a major barrier to entry. Therefore I never use jargon without explaining it (even the simple stuff). Soon you’ll be acing that interview loaded with jargon 😉

I need to justify my purchase of an iPad Pro so I use that a lot to explain things. Sometimes a simple drawing is worth 10,000 words!

What Should You do Now?

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